Griffey welcomes €339,200 Regional and Local Roads Grant Allocation for Ennis in 2014


Local Election Candidate, for the Ennis Municipal District, Cillian Griffey has welcomed a €50 million boost to repair regional and local road surfaces.  The funding was  announced by Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar TD as part of the Government’s Investing in Infrastructure & Jobs plan. Ennis Town Council has received a Block Grant of €339,200 as the regional and local roads grant allocation. 

 “I understand that the work will be carried out this summer and autumn. This funding will be provided directly to local authorities, which can start work on the repairs as soon as they receive the grants,” Cillian explained.

 “This additional €50 million will be a welcome boost for the road improvement programme and will allow repairs and renewal of road surfaces on an extra 600km of roadway. The proposed funding will be allocated to councils for use primarily on the restoration of road pavements (road surfaces as opposed to footpaths). This comes on top of the €350 million which was allocated to pavement works at the beginning of the year.

 “Two successive severe winters have taken their toll on the road network. While resources are limited, there is a risk that roads can deteriorate quite rapidly and are expensive to repair if repairs and maintenance are not carried out. This additional funding will help to address the shortfall in this area.

 “Local authorities have a responsibility to allocate their own resources to road maintenance as they have primary responsibility for these roads under the Roads Acts.  While the Minister has yet to inform local authorities of their allocation of this funding, local authorities are allocated funding based on the length of road in their county as before.   Councils that have a good record of investing their own resources in road maintenance in recent years also receive a top-up.  I will be keeping in touch with the Council on this matter to see what improvements we can expect to see in our roads over the coming months. ”

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