Ennis General Hospital


This 30,000sqft 50 bed ward replacement scheme with associated en-suite hospital bedrooms were required for the hospital’s change of use in line with the HSE “Teaghlach model” a home from home environment for elderly patients requiring long term medical treatment was constructed.

All of the new beds are located in individual rooms and replace the old female and male medical wards that accommodated eight patients each, with patients also accommodated in a small number of single and twin rooms. As a result, the hospital is a 70-bed facility with 50 in-patient beds and 20 day beds.

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  • There are still many problems emanating from the health service and this is a cause for concern. The core objective has to be to maintain frontline services and prioritise safe, quality treatment for patients in a timely manner.

  • Safety monitoring is a key priority.The HSE service plan 2014 sets out that a comprehensive set of quality and safety indicators will be developed and monitored. This has to be done.
  • The establishment of the Patient Safety Agency will be put in place on an administrative basis.
    • A range of different reform building blocks – structural, financial, service and wellbeing – will be put in place as we move to the introduction of Universal Health Insurance.
    • We must commit to the implementation of a range of reform measures which provide for the future of the health services in a post HSE environment.

Update on Health:

  • 98% fewer people waiting year on year, for in-patient and day case surgery.
  • Reform of the system is taking place so people are treated based on need, rather than how much money they have.
  • Comprehensive Hospital Grouping Plan, which will revolutionise the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes in Ireland. A Small Hospitals plan that guarantees a future for all hospitals.

Mental Health


  • It proposes a holistic view of mental illness and recommends an integrated multidisciplinary approach to addressing the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to mental health problems.
  • It proposes a person-centred treatment approach which addresses each of these elements through an integrated care plan, reflecting best practice, and evolved and agreed with service users and their carers.
  • Special emphasis is given to the need to involve service users and their families and carers at every level of service provision. Interventions should be aimed at maximising recovery from mental illness, and equipping the service users and their immediate social networks to achieve meaningful integration and participation in community life.

We need to improve suicide prevention strategies and develop better bereavement support services.


The Health Service Executive South Regional Suicide Resource Office in partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation have produced a series of information leaflets about bereavement and grief and how they impact on individuals.

They can be accessed here

We need to support local Bereavement support group that do trojan work such as Cahercalla Hospice and Living Links and Rainbows examine funding of these organisations if possible.

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