Tuesday 13th May 2014

Securing the future of Irish water supply is good for Clare- Griffey

Priority is to make water charges fair, equitable and affordable 

Cillian Griffey has welcomed today’s announcement by Irish Water of its Capital Investment Plan 2014-2016.

“Today’s announcement by Irish Water of their Capital Investment Plan is a good first step towards securing the future of water supply in Ireland. Irish Water has announced a total investment package of over €1.7billion in water supply and wastewater treatment plants across the state.

“It is high time we fixed our broken water system. Currently over 20,000 people are on boil water notices in this country and many waste water treatment plants are not functioning to a proper standard.

“Irish Water will oversee the delivery of more than 380 water infrastructure projects across the country. The total projected spend by Irish Water in Clarefor the period 2014-2016 is €22,256,400.

“Irish Water plans to bring a new asset management approach to our water supply, stating that they will consistently maintain frequent upgrades of the system. The “first fix” policy will make great strides in dealing with the problem of leaks in our water system. Irish Water also aims to improve connectivity between treatment plants and if there is a problem with one plant, we can replace the supply of water in that area using another plant.

“I am also very pleased to note that a significant number of jobs will be sustained and created over the period of Irish Water’s programme.

“After years of underinvestment by Fianna Fáil, we are taking a positive step forward to secure the future of the water supply in this country. The Government has also gone to great lengths to ensure that the charges will be as fair, equitable and affordable as possible. There will be a free household allowance of 30,000 litres per annum, with a further free allowance for households with children, estimated at 38,000 litres per child. Effectively, children go free. People living alone will have approximately 40% of their water needs provided by the allowance. Financial assistance of €100 per year will be provided to those who need it and charges will be capped for people with high water usage due to certain medical conditions.

“This investment by Irish Water will ensure that we have a well maintained water system that is fit for purpose and serves the people as it should.”

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Live Register figures in Ennis drop but still a long way to go.

photo 2

While the number of people out of work  is falling, we still have a long way to go.

The latest figures from the CSO show that the number of people on the Live Register has fallen for the last 20 months in a row. In Clare it has gone under the ten thousand mark down 6.5%. In Ennis there has been a reduction of 7.5% from the period January 2013 to January 2014.

The latest Live Register figures indicate yet more progress on the jobs front. The number of people signing on nationally has fallen for each of the last 20 months in a row.

A total of 61,000 net new jobs were created across the country last year. We’ve come from a situation where we were shedding 1,600 jobs per week, to one where we are creating 1,200 jobs per week. The pace of jobs growth over the last year has been very encouraging, and the Government is determined to increase these figures even further in the year ahead.

Last week, the Minister for Jobs, Richard Bruton TD, together with An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, launched the Action Plan for Jobs (APJ) 2014. It contains 385 actions across 16 Government departments and will build on the progress to date in reshaping our economy and boosting job creation.

The Taoiseach has designated 2014 as ‘The Year for Jobs’. There are clear and positive signs of recovery; the economy is growing again, thousands of jobs are being created every month and unemployment rates are on a downward trajectory.

A number of specific measures will be implemented this year to broaden jobs growth, including a strategy for the construction sector and a tourism plan to build on the success of the Gathering. The APJ 2014 includes a strong focus on entrepreneurs, who are proving to be the heroes of our economic recovery. We want to help growing small businesses to expand and create jobs.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Young people to be targeted in latest jobs initiatives – Griffey

Cillian Griffey has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, that, following a special cabinet meeting on jobs, new schemes are being introduced to support our young unemployed. These include a new Entrepreneurship Fund for start-ups by people aged 25 and a Graduate Recruitment Programme.

“Today’s announcements by Minister Bruton are exactly what young people in this country need.  Some of our most successful businesses in Ireland were started up by 20-somethings who had the vision and tenacity to make their business work.  The government’s support may be the kick-start many budding entrepreneurs need to get going – and their success will lead to more job creation.

“The Graduate Recruitment Programme is another welcome move that will hopefully reduce the numbers of graduates leaving Ireland to look for employment elsewhere,” he stated.

“Taoiseach Enda Kenny has promised that 2014 will be the ‘year for jobs’. The new initiatives announced today, along with the 19th consecutive monthly fall in unemployment figures, show that we are making real progress in job creation,” Griffey added.

nek-390x285‘NekNomination’ drinking game must end after death of 22-year old


Cillian Griffey has today called for the end of the new social media craze, ‘NekNomination’ in which people are encouraged to film themselves chugging back alcoholic drinks. The drinking trend involves the “neknominator” who, after posting a video of themselves online downing a pint, then “neknominates” one or two of his friends to follow suit. The rules dictates that they now have 24 hours to upload their video and nominate their choices, carrying on the trend. 

Speaking after a recent meeting of Clare Young Fine Gael, Griffey explained ‘The death of a 22-year old DJ in Dublin amid claims he took part in the ‘NekNomination’ which originated in Australia is severely concerning and I would urge all Ennis and Clare people to refuse to engage in this potentially fatal game. The fact that this game takes place on Facebook and if they don’t complete the task, they are humiliated puts a great amount of peer pressure on young people. It’s picking up a momentum. There is a time pressure on it, you have to respond to the challenge within 24 hours. People are trying to give the image they are continuously partying, up for challenges and having a great time.’

Alcohol Action says that “the reality is that while drinking fads like this come and go, there remains a consistent trend for drunkenness among young Irish people, a trend that sets them apart from the majority of their European counterparts and, unfortunately, the impact of this trend is already reflected by the fact that chronic alcohol-related conditions among young people have become increasingly common”.

They added that it “is no coincidence” that trends, like Neknomation, which are geared towards drunkenness has been accompanied by an explosion in the number of outlets selling alcohol at very cheap prices in recent years, with cans of beer often costing less than a bottle of water in supermarkets.

New Intreo services in Ennis will aid in jobs recovery-Griffey

Monday 20th January 2014

Cillian Griffey has today welcomed the opening of the Intreo Office in Ennis.

This new office represents a renewed effort to tackle long-term unemployment in Ennis and the wider area where you can get job-seeking advice, information on vacancies and income support all in the one place.

“Locally we have seen far too many people emigrate and be left without a job. Under the Intreo model claimants are profiled and invited in for group session where a personal development plan is committed to by both parties with the goal of making the individual job-ready,” Cillian Griffey stated.

This one stop shop will provide income support and employment service to jobseekers and help employers to recruit staff. Ennis Intreo Centre is providing a one-stop shop for jobseekers where they can get their Department of Social Protection income supports and employment supports in the one place for the first time. The new Intreo service offers practical, tailored employment services and supports for jobseekers.

“As the youngest candidate to date to go forward for election to Clare County Council this year and to be one of the few who has experienced unemployment in this economic downturn, I feel it is imperative to do everything we can to get people off the Live Register here in Clare. Throughout my campaign I will highlight free training for the unemployed and courses through SkillnetsMomentumSpringboard. There is also Jobbridge & ICT Conversion. I went on jobbridge after signing on for a few months and was made permanent in that job as a Business Support Manager with HR Locker, a company that provides a cloud based HR system here in Clare.” Griffey explained.

“In the first eleven months of 2013, 122,300 people had attended group engagements, 148,500 people had attended initial one-to-one interviews.

Intreo centres are not just for jobseekers, they are also for employers. It provides a range of supports for employers, such as JobsPlus, the wage subsidy scheme where the State pays approximately €1 in €4 of the typical cost of hiring someone who has been on the Live Register for 12 months or more. I would urge employers as well as jobseekers to see what their local Intreo office has to offer them.”

The latest CSO data shows an increase of 58,000 in the number of people at work over the last year and the Live Register continues to fall, so we are making slow and steady progress. But there remains a long way to go and that is why it is crucial we offer every practical support to jobseekers. That is why Intreo Centres are so important.

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